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This is our way of saying thanks.

We're giving you a way to get free Spirit of Fear gear for doing what you're already doing! You can now earn a variety of powerful rewards (including real cash) just by shopping, sharing, and wearing our gear.

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How it Works

We created a program that rewards you for being you. Keep doing what you’re already doing, but get paid for it!

Earn for Sharing

You're already telling your friends about us. Start using your personal share link to earn real cash and points!

Cashback on Purchases

Earn cashback on all purchases, and yes, we mean ALL purchases!

Instant Rewards

Start earning instantly, as soon as you sign up. Then, start buying and sharing to earn more!

01. Get Paid for Sharing

Buy. Share. Earn.

You're already doing this. Just by wearing Spirit of Fear products, you’re telling your friends about us.

You're probably already telling your friends about Spirit of Fear and our products. Now, you'll get paid cash as a thank you for doing so!

Using the Kwik app allows you to share Spirit of Fear with your friends within 2 clicks! Earn instant cash with Kwik’s patented Waves Technology that allows you to earn like a big time influencer without being one.

02. Earn with Waves

Buy. Share. Earn.

Waves is a program that gives everyone a chance to be an influencer.

We know that you have introduced Spirit of Fear to your friends and now you'll get paid for that. And, guess what? Odds are, your friends probably introduced Spirit of Fear to their friends! We believe you deserve to be paid for that as well!

From now on, you'll get paid not only from your friends, family, and followers, but who they know as well! You can finally find your true influence.

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03. Earn more Rewards!

Buy. Share. Earn.

Yes, you get cash, but you also get more than cash!

Exclusive Access

Joining our rewards program makes you one of our brand ambassadors.
We want to give you exclusive access to all things Spirit of Fear.

Giveaways and More

The cash you earn can help you qualify for giveaways and other

Expanding Rewards Program

This is just the beginning! We have a whole suite of tools coming to continue rewarding you for being our loyal customer!

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Buying, sharing & earning

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